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November 2011 Cookbook releases

After the truckloads of new releases in September and October (in both months I could have made endless lists of great new cookbooks) November turns out to be the calm after the storm - if one discounts the seemingly endless list of baking book releases. However one could say November is a month of quality not quantity and the list is filled with books that I wouldn't mind finding in my Christmas stocking. The much awaited cookbook from Philip Howard's famous two Michelin starred London restaurant The Square is released this month and this month also sees the release of cookbooks to accompany two new television series, Great British Food Revival (BBC Two) and Britain's Best Dish (ITV). And for anyone who needs help with planning and cooking Christmas lunch or dinner there's Gordon Ramsay's new book Christmas with Gordon.

Kindle releases that I've noticed this month are: Jamie's 30-minute meals (3 November), The Modern Pantry by Anna Hansen (1 November) and Mexican Food Made Simple by Thomasina Miers (24 November)

I had to search a bit longer than usual to compile this month' s list but here's the November caught-my-eye list:

Keep Calm and Cook On: Good Advice for Cooks by Lewis Esson

This handy little book will prove to be the perfect antidote to all your kitchen worries. Packed full of humorous quotes and witty quips, as well as invaluable tips and essential techniques, every home cook can be saved from the despair of a sunken souffle or learn how to save a mayonnaise that is threatening to split. Keep Calm and Cook On is littered with quotations that have been chosen from a variety of sources, from Michelin-starred chefs to historians, essayists and film stars. Those quoted include Nigella Lawson, Marcel Boulestin, Claudia Roden, Madame Benoit, Jane Grigson and many other luminaries of the world of food and cooking. These are timeless quotations that offer a wealth of wisdom and humour for both gourmands and novice cooks alike. Interspersed with the insightful quotes are practical tips and techniques that will help avoid any kitchen dilemnas and keep home cooks free of stress. Learn how to poach an egg to perfection, how to get the most juice out of your lemons and how to save overcooked vegetables. This delightful pocket-sized book will keep cooks out of trouble and in excellent humour, making sure that food never becomes a chore and always remains a pleasure.
Lewis Esson is one of the most experienced editors of food books. Contributing editor of the English edition of Larousse Pratique and of The Good Cook's Encyclopaedia, his own books include Mouthwatering Mediterranean, The Gate Cookbook and Breakfast at the Wolseley, with A. A. Gill. How the British Fell in Love with Food, which he compiled for the Guild of Food Writers, won the Gourmand Award for Best Culinary History Book in the World 2010. (source:; £4.99)

Release: 7 November 2011

Christmas with Gordon by Gordon Ramsay

Gordon gives inspiration, advice and 75 failsafe and delicious recipes for all occasions over the Christmas period. The stars of the show are 5 Christmas Feasts - suitable for whenever you choose to have your main Christmas meal. The menus are built around a choice of 5 main course centrepieces - turkey, goose, beef, ham or sea bass - and include starters, accompaniments and desserts for each. To take the stress out of Christmas Gordon offers masses of advice on ordering, shopping, preparation and timing. Also included is a great chapter on Party Food, and inspired recipes for Breakfast & Brunch, Lunches & Suppers, and Sweet Treats. Gordon's favourite Christmas ingredients, including stilton, smoked salmon, turkey and ham, are highlighted with suggestions for creative ways to use them over the Christmas period. Advice on wines and party drinks, cheese and other festive ingredients complete this invaluable guide to the perfect Christmas. (source:; £8.70)

Release: 7 November 2011

The Venison Cookbook by Kate Fiduccia

Among hunters and non-hunters alike, venison has found a hungry audience. It s a healthy, low-fat alternative to beef, with only 3.6 grams of fat per 4-ounce serving. Collected here are 150 delicious venison recipes that run the gamut from down-home favorites to gourmet delights.
Learn to make tasty dishes, such as: venison carpaccio with mustard sauce; mushrooms with venison stuffing; venison filet wellington; wild game lasagna italiano; deer camp casserole; venison meatball stew; and many more. With color photographs, stories, and tips from the author, The Venison Cookbook is both an entertaining read and an indispensable reference tool for any hunter s kitchen. (source:; £12.74)

Release: 24 November 2011

Great British Food Revival: The Revolution continues by Blanche Vaughan (Author), Michel Roux jr, Mary Berry, Raymond Blanc, Gregg Wallace, Yotam Ottolenghi, Antonio Carluccio, Valentine Warner, Ainsley Harriott, John Torode, Clarissa Dickson Wright, Richard Corrigan, Angela Hartnett, Matt Tebbutt, James Martin, Gary Rhodes, Jason Atherton

The Great British Food Revival returns this autumn with sixteen of the nation's favourite cooks creating recipes to save the best of our local produce. Gary Rhodes champions the cherry, Valentine Warner dives deep for shellfish in Wales, Antonio Carluccio celebrates the humble yet delicious beetroot; Jason Atherton savours cabbage; Raymond Blanc creates magical dishes with plums; Ainsley Harriott pops some garden peas; Mary Berry delights with British herbs, Gregg Wallace gets stuck into rhubarb; Michel Roux Jr. plumps for pears; Clarissa Dickson Wright enjoys garlic; Yotam Ottolenghi discovers British nuts; John Torode reveals rare breed beefs; James Martin explores eggs, Matt Tebbutt uncovers currants, Angela Hartnett tackles turkey and Richard Corrigan fishes for abundant and delicious mackerel. With this incredible list of celebrity chefs, The Great British Food Revival II will become the definitive collection of recipes that combines our exceptional local produce with modern flair and creative genius. Rediscover the jewels of our great food heritage with the best of our cooking talent. (source:; £11.49)

Release: 10 November 2011

Collected Winter Recipes by Kristin Hove

Growing up in Norway, Kristin Hove has learned to embrace the cold, dark months with candles, piping hot drinks and comfort food. Winter is merely an excuse to stoke up the fire and share a delicious meal with loved ones, with the enticing aromas of cloves, cinnamon and hot chocolate wafting through the house. In Winter: Collected, Kristin shares over forty of her favourite seasonal recipes, gathered from all her friends across the globe. From delicious Breakfast Waffles to comforting Chicken Soup, spicy Fish Curry and decadent Ginger Bread Cake, these hearty recipes will warm you up, and have you willing the days to get colder.
Kristin Hove is the author of Collected. She is a popular blogger, traveler and photographer and lives in Norway.

Britain's Best Dish - The Chefs: delicious recipes from the hit TV show

New recipes from professional chefs, in association with The Good Food Guide. From their regional store-cupboards these 112 professional chefs have fashioned a completely new main course or dessert, showcasing their passion for British produce and culinary innovation.
Now, with lavishly illustrated recipes, top tips and step-by-step instructions, the chefs show you how to create their delicious contemporary British dishes in your own kitchen. Experts from The Good Food Guide and critics Ed Baines, John Burton Race and Jilly Goolden have had their say - now decide for yourself which of these 112 new classics is 'Britain's Best Dish'. (source:; £11.00)

Release: 7 November 2011

Roast figs, Sugar snow: Food to warm the soul by Diana Henry

The author has spent 5 years travelling and eating in search of the tastiest dishes from the snowiest climes. This unique collection of recipes celebrates some of the world's most overlooked cuisines by using produce that can be found on our own doorsteps. There are potato and cheese dishes from Italy's skiing slopes, pastries from the coffee houses of Vienna and Budapest, and little appetizers that have been eaten at Russian celebrations since the days of the Tsar.
Diana Henry is food columnist for the Sunday Telegraph and writes regularly for Red Magazine. Her first book, Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons, received two Glenfiddich shortlists - Best Food Book and Best Food Photography - and her second book, The Gastropub Cookbook, enjoyed both critical and commercial success. Food photographer Jason Lowe has photographed the food of some of the world's greatest chefs and food writers. He has been shortlisted for numerous awards. (source:; £8.15)

Release: 7 November 2011 (Re-release)

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Posted 31-10-2011

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